About Summit Unlimited

Summit Unlimited in Toledo Ohio is the leading designer and manufacturer of cutting edge casters for a variety of industrial markets. We pride ourselves for responding to our customers’ needs with outstanding quality, on time delivery, and excellent exceptional value at competitive prices.


Wheel & Caster Specs

Summit Unlimited Provides Industry-Leading Wheels & Swivel Casters


Our wheels are 6 x 2 crown tread polyurethane chemically-bonded to an aluminum core. Our wheels feature an aluminum core solid web design which reduces the possibility of debris getting wrapped around the wheel.


Summit Unlimited industrial wheels are bearing designed for low speed towing application. The wheel bearings are pre-greased with an exterior metal shield and an interior shield of flexible poly vinyl.


Special Attributes of Summit Unlimited’s Wheels:


  • Our wheels are non-marking 95 Shore A polyurethane
  • Our wheels feature excellent traction capabilities with resistance to flat spots
  • Our wheels provide quiet rolling due to tread design, solid cast iron core, and a polyurethane thickness of approximately 7/8″
  • Low rolling resistance due to tread design and durometer of polyurethane


Swivel Casters


Summit Unlimited will supply your business with hot forged ASTM 1045 steel top plate and raceway swivel casters. To provide you with the longest lasting swivel casters in the industry, our casters are kingpin-less for durability. The top plate dimensions on our swivel casters are 4″ x 4-1/2″.


Our swivel casters feature a bolt pattern of 2-3/8″ x 3-5/8″ to 3 x 3. The top plate and inner raceway are integral-forged one piece swivel caster construction. 3/8″ swivel caster diameter RC 45 steel ball bearings absorb both thrust and load. All swivel casters come standard with zinc plating, double-welded forks and grease fitting in the raceway.


Special Attributes of Summit Unlimited’s Swivel Casters:


  • Towable swivel casters that will accommodate severe shock loading environments
  • No kingpin sheer due to the unique hot-forged swivel caster design
  • Exceptionally smooth swivel caster action due to hardened and polished raceway


Donut Tread Polyurethane/Aluminum Wheel


This is an exceptional wheel for continuous towline applications and was developed specifically for Automotive manufacturing lines. Specially formulated “Flex Compound” high grade Urethane is chemically and mechanically-bonded to a strong aluminum core to prevent tread separation and failure of wheels. Wheels come standard with a crowned or “donut” tread with sealed precision 6203 bearings for increased mobility and maneuverability of wheels. Each wheel offers excellent floor protection and is capable of rolling over small debris. Aluminum wheel core prevents rusting and has an attractive appearance.


When used in a caster with 1/2″ axle, the 6203 bearings should be used in conjunction with “top hat” (flanged) bushings.


Durometer: 90 to 95 Shore A. Temperature Range: -45 to +180 degrees/F.


Please call us with any industrial wheel or swivel caster questions.